Friday, August 29

Mrs. Isom, you look pregnant!

This week, I started student teaching. It is crazy to think that this is the last semester of my undergraduate degree (I'm hoping to got back for my master's in the Spring, but it's not quite written in stone yet). It is weird to think that after all these years of school, something will finally pay off. Plus, since I took a couple of 'breaks' in my academic career along the way; after this semester, I might feel like I've caught up to my peers.
So many crazy emotions, but I'm trying not to think about that, I'm just trying to get through this semester. The school I'm working at is called Laird Elementary in Tempe. I'm in a fourth grade class. The school is kinda small (there are only 2 fourth grade teachers), but it's nice in a way, sorta cozy. My mentor teacher is really great! She is nice, and supportive. She also seems really helpful, and is letting me do this in the manner I feel most comfortable.
This week was hard, though. I have been in classrooms before this, of course. My program at ASU requires it! I have even been in classrooms for an entire day before, but I never realized how hard it would be to be in there ALL DAY EVERYDAY! It is really exhausting! The first day I was in there, I kept thinking, 'I have to do this the entire semester?'
Fortunately, everyday since then has been much more engaging.
With regards to the title, no, I'm not pregnant. This is what one of the students in the class I'm mentoring said. Apparently, their table was having a discussion about it and needed some clarification. I informed them of the truth. Maybe this means I should start exercising more huh?


Tricia and Nick said...

Ha ha! That happened to me a couple times too! It was kinda annoying and a little embarrassing. So I started a diet, but more like a new lifestyle. Fun stuff.

Casey and Brynn said...

Wow, hurray for student teaching! Been there...enjoy it! It is hard, but an exciting time!

Mary said...

Ha Ha! Kids say the darndest things!Good luck with school!

Martha said...

Sometimes I forget that you are Mrs. Isom--haha, but I love that you are!